Monday, December 26, 2011


Check out this awesome 4 min film by my girl Gia Coppola called "What's Up?". The 4 min short is about this lovely little girl bored as hell and hanging around in her room slash neighborhood due to the 405 being closed. Gia has always been my favorite young film makers. I feel like the young girl in the movie due to my flue that has been stuck with me for a freakin week....urgh On a positive note I did complete my BOY CULTURE series this weekend. Emailed the editor of the this magazine i'm collaborating with, hopefully the series will be picked up. Anyways my plan is to wake up early and hit the gym then go to work. I'm starting a new routine. 

          Anyways check out the short.

            P.S. making a fabulous trend forecast for New Years! 

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