Tuesday, December 27, 2011


 I created some crazy spreads / mood boards for New Years! Yes the end of 2011 is near and time to look fabulous, especially if its supposed to be the end of the world!!! WINK gotta die in style hahaha. It reminds me of when I was 10 and it was the Y2K bug and everyone in my family went out and bought a million flash lights, canned foods and a hell load of toilet paper. Scratch that 2012 is supposed to be epic! Its my year to shine and I won't let anyone stop me! Alright let me proceed with my fashion spreads right now. We've got 3 things to watch out for this NEW YEAR! You gotta go with a BIG BANG! I feel like I can never say that enough. Stand out with your outfit. 
Be wild! Go crazy with those prints! Try something you've never tried before! For inspiration check out these lovely ladies Niki Takesh, Meg Ryan, and my favorite Rookie photographer Petra Collins.
1. leitmotiv yildiz cystal necklace by Shourouk 2. rainbow dress by Christopher Kane 3. hawaiian print pants by Stella McCartney 4. green bag by D&G 5. mutl-icolored bracelet by Vanessa Arizaga 6. blue lipstick by Lime Crime Makeup 
 Alright this spread is inspired by Kate Moss and that damn sheer silver dress okay i'm not saying you guys can't rock the sheerness but if you do want to cover up I do advice you if you did spend all your christmas money on great gifts for friends and family then check out the "T by Alexander Wang" collection, a lot of the styles are on sale and you will find that beautiful silver silk slip dress on the list. The key is to look and feel like an icon because New years comes once every year and NOT EVERYDAY! End 2011 with a HOT BANG! 
1. silver silk dress by Alexander Wang 2. talon sterling silver cuff by Talon 3. rabbit cropped shrug by Mathew Williamson 4. viola crustal-embellished leather / mesh shoes by Jimmy Choo 5. two headed skull ring by Alexander McQueen 6. arty too silver-plated earrings by Yves Saint Laurent 7. belle du jour wallet  by Yves Saint Laurent 8. ballets russes book by Andre Tubeuf 9. geraium bath oil by Bamford 10. lip gloss by Bobbi Brown 11. neon green bracelet by Shourouk 
Yes I said it! Its the end of 2011 and those trends are ending too. No more dipping your hair in pastel colored dye its time for a fresh new trend that TOPSHOP brought back in style from 1969 when Twiggy was photographed with glitter all over her hair. GLITTER AND FOIL AWAY BABES its time for the FUTURE! P.S. i will be making a lipstick glitter tutorial video coming soon my bunny readers! 
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