Monday, August 17, 2009


I bought these sunglasses with my beloved Bosaina when i was visiting in the london. i remember when i first saw them in the window display. it was raining and "La Vie En Rose" by Edith Piaff was playing in my mind right when i saw them. bubble gum pink with the flaming red colors were painted on these beauties, the color and shape was what made me linger towards them. It was Love at first sight.
i'm in love with topshop's HORROR GIRL theme. 

Just to let you know i love halloween more than any holiday. As a young little kitten i always wished my birthday was on halloween...I'm already thinking about my costume and we are still in august...i think this is a problem.

while reading NYLON this week, i realize that they were right! they did photograph a vampire! Searching the streets of the uk (aka my homeland) to find stylish real people, little did NYLON know that they would take a snap shot of Mr.Robert Pattinson, 19 years old at the time. I do have to admit i own this book and did flip threw the pages to find the vampire. 

Honestly i was not a fan of the movie...i'm sure there are die hard fans out there that would probably suck my blood for saying such a thing but hey don't hate! i remember when i was obsessed with vampires when i was like was weird i would always read all these teen vampire books too...this was long before twilight came along.  i do like mr.vampire,  specially since he was quoted saying his style icon is james dean, there you go ladies he's a catch any guy who says james dean is a style icon is wonderful...reminds me of the brilliant doctor pagan for always knowing what's best! gotta love the doc!! check out Nylon Street: The NYLON book of Global Style.

and remember to brush your teeth, nobody likes a vampire with yellow teeth, eeeek!
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