Saturday, August 15, 2009

Like the Boys

morgan black jacket, h&m lavender transparent scarf, aa skirt, topshop hair clips, 99cent transparent wrap.

Inspired by Comme des Garcons fall 2009 collection. 
If Rei Kawakubo is reading this please hire me!!

i'm in love with the transparent wrap that she had the models wear in the show.

i want those sequence lips on a wrap!!

gotta love those amazing transparent leggings and the coats, makes me excited for winter even though we're in Aug right now.

celebrity men who need a new stylist: For this week i shall pick 2 men in the public eye that need my advice on what to wear
In other words HIRE ME!
1. hayden christensen  
i am sure you have alot amazing closet full of everything and anything. if you would just let me select them on a daily bases it will do wonders for you. good move with the 

lacoste mermaid green sweatshirt, you could have selected a better color in the trousers.

Next time loose that hat and switch out the shoes.

2. shia labeouf
my good friend i'm excited that you dont need to wear the silly tape on your hands anymore. congrats!
one thing i would like to know is what does that cap stand for? not that i hate it, i actually like it.
i think we need to go t-shirt shopping next time. this man knows how to wear basic which is something that 
mr.christensen should realize that its not about the logos.

let us now take a moment and let our eye lashes dream about Mr. James Dean.

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