Saturday, October 3, 2009


Top by NYC company, High-wasted pants by American Apparel, Bats and Skull hair pins by Paperchase. Neckless by Philip Normal's Happy Shack, Green Bangle by Marc by Marc Jacobs, Pink bangle by forever-21. Spiked bracelet from UK.

Must Have Bag
Dear Topshop,
I heart you for making this bag.
How I wish this puffy bag were mine.
This fluffy sheep like hair ball of a bag would be wonderful to own this fall. Think about it not only can you store your valuables but if the weather gets cold it can always be used to keep you warm.

YES!! its finally the smell of leaves falling down, lined up pumpkins, skull candies, chocolate bats , and vampire teeth ready to be glued on. Of-course I have a million ideas on what to be for halloween and I still can not narrow the list down. I guess i'll have to make my mind up soon.
Dsquared2  impresed me with their spring 2010 line. In my eyes it tells a story of that the girl who decided to go camping with her boyfriend and definitly knew what to pack. She packs her beautiful dimonds and her couture dress but she knows one thing that no creature  nor bug would ever come close to even touching anything she owns with the power of her plastic! Yes plastic and her only weapon her extremely sharp spike studded boots and backpack.  
Thats my vision of what :
a.) i feel towards the line. 
b.) how i would pack if i ever decide to go camping. 

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