Friday, September 25, 2009


uslu airlines nail polish.

lately i've been obsessed with nail polish, been painting my nails almost every night...this is a very strange obsession i've since never really cared about nail polish. i always kept my nails clean, since i can not stand dirt under finger nails. why is it us girls love nail polish? i mean what is it about it that we obsessed over it? i still have yet to have a real answer but here is a little fact about nail polish...the Egyptians used nail polish to signify a specific social order, basically would tell someone instantly what rank you would be in.

favorite nail polish brand: uslu airlines
i bought the pink (MQC01) from colette when i went to paris. probably the best money spent on my nails. The nail polish does not fade and u can definitely find any shade you want.

i'm also excited for the new TEA GREEN nail polish by chanel!

These two colors limited edition and remind me of ice cream.


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