Thursday, January 24, 2013


Hi Guys 
Ahhhhhhhhhh lot has happened sorry i've been super busy and haven't been blogging,,,,,BUT with that being said I'M BACK IN ACTION. I'm officially apart of the ROOKIE staff so get ready for some posts of my work that goes up there. I'm about to go on a crazy trip to a place I've always dreamed about going...I'll let you know where that mysterious place is once I am allowed to talk about it. I still have a messy room and need to maintain the living hell out of it hahaha Yesterday went to see Jessie Ware at the El Ray. She's just incredible live wow what a voice! Can you say perfection. Below is my first fashion post of 2013...Thank you to the incredible ♥ LIFE LASTING PR ♥ for this amazing outfit that i'm dying to wear to a party this year  designed by Fairground UK  Honestly my favorite brand right now so cutting edge and fresh!

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