Saturday, March 3, 2012


I got the keys to my apartment yesterday! AHHHH so excited to move. OKAY i've been all over and havent updated in a while. sorry to all my lovely little bunny readers out there. Little update went to the terry richardson opening last friday. Super fun saw a lot of my friends and people in the industry. I'll upload pictures soon. Right now i've got to pull some inspiration for my new room / studio. I'm thinking of a cool shabby chic mixed with my style. I spent my whole day pretty much going from one tile store to the next. Designing your apartment is a lot of hard work, totally appreciate interior designers who do this as their jobs.  I'm still working on the film i'm directing and a few more shoots for this month. LOTS going on this month...also might be going to london/paris in a month looking forward to that! P.S. did i mention i got bangs ahhh adjusting to this new look but whatever its still fun. Here are some photobooth pictures with my friends from Ke$Ha's brithday party.
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