Thursday, February 9, 2012


First off  I'm more excited that Sofia Coppola directed the commercial than Marni hitting the shops at H&M. So lovely made me want to wear the clothes and be on vacation with my friends. I loved the location that they shot the commercial at reminded me of my summer in Morocco.

 Little update on what I've been up to I've been shooting non stop different models and musicians lately. I'm really excited about getting to work with such talented beautiful people. I should be moving by the end of this month to my new apartment! I've got to make an inspiration board for how I want my room to be like. It will definitely be more of a studio where I conduct my work rather than a place to sleep in. I totally wish I could get a "murphy bed" since I could care less about sleep. Anyways let me research that and have you guys check out the videos.
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