Monday, January 9, 2012

Lebanon Diary Entry

Finally some photographs from where I haven been the past few weeks. This first entry is from Lebanon. If I had to describe Beirut I would stay its pretty much the Paris of the Middle East. Here are some photographs from where i was saying in lebanon. Lebanon feels empty tho without my grandmother. Its definitely not worth going anymore for me.
These are my Teta's (Teta: Arabic word for grandmother) 70s' platform shoes. Jeffrey Campbell aint got nothin on these babies. Ahh i'm in love with the wooden work on the heel. Too fragile for walking but makes beautiful decoration in the house. 
I rarley ever watch tv but in Beirut the only channel i'd watch besides the movie networks was Fashion TV I wish we had in LA. Fashion TV pretty much showcases current fashion shows and information on upcoming models. With interviews and trend updates this network had me going.
I'm working on completing my Lebanon video...Once i'm done i'll update you guys with it!
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