Saturday, December 3, 2011


Lately the weather has been too crazy and so has been my life. BUT its a good type of crazy. I've been really busy with different projects. I went to the Grammys nomination the other night. I'll make sure to upload some photographs / videos from the performances that I saw. Also did I mention I might be flying to Saudi Arabia next week? Its not for certain yet but i'll either be in Saudi or New York or Hawaii for Christmas. I'm routing for NYC or Hawaii. I'm going to Saudi to visit some family and do an amazing project which I can't talk about it will be an exclusive editorial. If i end up going to NYC it will be for my friends birthday and business and IF its Hawaii it will strictly be vacation. 
In 2 weeks I will be collaborating with some amazing people in creating music. I'm excited for this project since I've never made an album before. I'm pulling some inspiration for my producer as we speak. We'll see how this will go. 
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