Sunday, September 11, 2011


Fashions Night Out in LA was super fun. The fact that they shut down the street and turned it into a circus made me smile. I attended the Lanvin, Chanel, Miu Miu, Judith Leiber, Guess, Lomography, and Prada parties! MAN WAS THAT ALOT OF PARTIES OR WHAT! i couldnt make it to a few more places I was invited too since i'm not sure how many places you can really go to under 5 hours hahaha. My favorite party was definitely the Guess party they had a photobooth which made me more excited than anything in the whole wide world. Miu Miu had the best shoe cookies i'd ever eaten as well as Judith Leiber with those crazy majestic chocolate covered glitter goodies. Prada in my opinion won the best DJ / tunes for a party. I also attended the Adi Da Samraj art show, check out all the photos below!
vintage 1970s miu miu inspired dress, zara bag, nine west heels, and make-up by Givenchy.
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