Wednesday, August 3, 2011


If you are in Toronto come to my show today!!
The Ardorous, the all girl photography collective whose pictures graced our Photo Issue last month, have their first group show tonight in Toronto. Entitled In Bloom, the work is a portrayal of the young female experience and a nod to the Nirvana song that shares the same title. Petra Collins, the collective’s founder, said, “The song was released the same year in which most of the artists were born, giving a specific reference to the time that shaped and birthed these creative minds. The exhibit will consist of photography, painting, and video projection, and the space will be transformed into a secret-garden-like atmosphere with fake flowers and botanical head pieces mounted on the wall.” So, if you live in Toronto, or just have loads of money to burn on last minute flights, the opening reception will definitely be worth a look-see.

Featured photographers include Petra Collins, Dana Boulos, Kristie Muller, Julia Baylis, Dasha Love, Aela Labbe, Alice Lancaster, and Monika Mogi. Paintings by Gaby Lo.

Read the rest at Vice Magazine: IN BLOOM IN TORONTO - Viceland Today 

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