Saturday, July 30, 2011


Had a crazy week went to 2 fittings, ran around completing errands and in the process of designing a logo for a company. I'll also post some drawings i've been working on this weekend. Anyways I promised I'd answer some questions that you guys have been emailing me, I'll answer 3 and keep the rest for later... So here goes nothing.
Q1: "I've been following your blog since you first started on blogspot. Its gotten better and better by the minute. I wanted to ask how did you first start out blogging?"- think4pinkpanther
I've been blogging since I was about 13 years old. Remember when people used Xanga and Myspace blogs...well i was one of those. I wrote about the usual fashion, music, art, and lifestyle. I always took photos of my friends and would post them up there. I treated it as though it was my diary except the world got to view it, unlike bloggers today where they only showcase what "gifts" they got sent from designers and how well they wear it. 
Q2:  "This is gona sound random but how much do you weigh?"- annamataamia
LOL...never been asked that before I weigh 110 lbs. why?
Q3: "Can u do a post on wat you have inside ur bag? Just curious wat u carry in it when running errands."-sillylady93
Ofcourse, will do.
I'm keeping it to 3 questions since i'm a little tried and my eyes are killing me from the computer screen. Keep the questions coming, just email me.
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