Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rambling before sleeping


George Loves Vintage cheetah top, ripped jean shorts, and alexander wang bag

photographs i took on my cell phone.

  I have been keeping myself busy for the past week. One thing i must work on is my room and my closets. I've got to do some spring cleaning which usually translates to getting rid of a lot of clothes. I'm thinking of just doing the usual packing everything up that i don't want and selling it to a thrift store. I have been avoiding this project but its time finally to do it!  I'm really interested in film making and will be taking some classes soon. I sort of miss school even though I have a degree and couldn't wait to be out of school, when I was in school. As my mother always said "dannnnaaa you should have went to film school instead of a fashion school".... I don't regret it because well I can always learn about both and since i've studied fashion its now all about film. So cheers to film!

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