Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Instant with light

Anatol Josepho was the inventor of the photobooth...little did he know that fred astaire would dance in one, Andy warhol would turn it into a business, and for years to come more and more people will discover the magic of a photo booth.There is something about getting your picture taken in a photobooth that interests me. Every frame counts and you begin to discover a lot about yourself. call me crazy but you do learn a lot about a person and how they react in that instant flash. 

Instant   Instant  Instant!!!

Since the polaroid is gone..i recently bought the Fuji instant camera. i am in love with it. The colors of the photograph are vibrant and alive. I definitely recommend this baby. 

In other news 

the new Marc Jacobs ad was recently released  for the new 2010 collection. I find it another beautifully lit photograph by mr Juergen Teller. It seems so light and almost like the model has no legs and is weightless even though there is movement and shape to the photograph and a weird prop of a toilet seat...Nevertheless its still a beautiful photograph. 



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