Wednesday, August 12, 2009

unicorn lovin

my glitter unicorn eventually came off after the 6th day. 
i think im starting to get into unicorns for some reason, i mean first it was a cat then bunny and now a unicorn. let us discover some unicorn lovin'

i definitly want this one, i first saw this baby at one of "the white trash crams" stores which is the brand that makes it. i always wanted this neckless but i mean really 150.00 for the medium size...oh well maybe the tooth fairy will put this darling neckless under my pillow.

anyways so my boyfriend is going to be in nyc, one of the fashion capitals of the u.s. i've never been to ny but im sure its like london but has a whole lot of people.  i'm sure it has amazing building and beautiful cultures to be inspired by. Do make sure to check out DR.PAGAN for updates on the nyc trip, probably one of a few stylish men i know of. 
As Doctor Pagan says "DO IT, DO IT NOW!" By the way i am super excited for "new york i love you" movie coming out..which is the number 2 of Paris, je'taime. 

will miss you 
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