Friday, July 31, 2009

White is Right for summer

white h&m shirt, white gold studded pants, white vintage shoes.
featured on DR.PAGAN
Definitely look out for Dr.Pagan for he will be telling you how to live your lifestyle right!

i'm guilty for being excited for the new teen vogue hand book to come out! apparently anna wintour gives her words of wisdom on how to break out in the industry. i've been a fan of teen vogue since i was 12. i collected every issue of teen vogue until this year when i had to get rid of them, due to the spacing in my room, nevertheless i want this book now!!! i think it comes out in Oct.


also i got a twitter. i wasnt really into getting one at all iono i think its the same as facebook and whats the point of having it but i was pursuaded in getting on and i finaly did so "add me" or "follow me" i'm still not sure how it works.

i did start one for my bussiness as well so check that one out

look out for my look book as well:

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